Treatment Approach

At Integrated Physical Therapy we use manual physical therapy techniques to treat the body as an integrated whole. We believe that the different parts of the body are intimately interconnected, so it is necessary to look at the body as a whole when addressing a problem.

Our physical therapists have extensive training in manual therapy techniques through continuing education and mentorships to provide an osteopathic approach to physical therapy. After a comprehensive evaluation, each patient at Integrated receives an individualized approach to treatment with specialized hands on treatments performed by our physical therapists. We believe that the body has significant potential to heal and our goal is to facilitate that process to help alleviate pain and dysfunction.

We practice an integrated approach to each patient's healing process. We examine the overall function and alignment of the body to ensure that the underlying cause of a problem is addressed, rather than just its symptoms. This can help to provide long-term change and improvement. Each individual's own restorative processes can be facilitated by these manual techniques.

Injury, disease, and/or surgical intervention affecting one part of the body can affect another part through a compensation process that the body uses to manage the pain. Often these compensations are also painful as they compensate for the decreased strength and motion in the injured area.

Our Process

Although each patient's treatment process is different, in general it will involve the following:

• Core strengthening exercises including Pilates-based

   exercises as appropriate

• Hands-on manual therapy techniques

• Problem-specific range-of-motion and

   strengthening exercises 

• Home exercise program

Specialized Techniques

Some of the specialized techniques that our physical therapists may use through the course of your treatment include:

• Osteopathic Manual Techniques

• Adult and pediatric CranioSacral Therapy

• Graston Technique

• Myofascial Release

• Visceral Manipulation

• Muscle Energy Technique

• Neuromuscular re-education

• McKenzie treatment approach

• Mulligan mobilization

• Pelvic Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation

• Pelvic floor biofeedback training

• Core Stabilization

• Pilates-based exercise

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